The first personal 3D printer for your desk

In 2012 at a time when 3D printing meant big industrial machine that is run in a separate room by a specialist, Xeos 3D was breaking out of that mold with a new and innovative printing arm technology to dramatically reduce its footprint and an extremely easy to understand user experience. This allowed Xeos 3D to be the first printer of additive manufacturing that you would actually want to place next to your desk in your office.

Designed for users that want to verify form geometry fast and easy, it is made for consultancies, design departments and even your home office.

With a whole set of innovations this printer stood out with its printing arm that was inspired by wafer handling robots to reduce overhead needed for moving parts and with that to reduce the overall machine footprint – which is crucial for a desktop printer.

In addition to that I designed the door to be opened to the top, similar to kitchen wall cabinets to enable placement even on cluttered desks.

To monitor your printing progress across the room the printer features a large status led bar and the integrated fisheye camera lets you stream its inside video feed easily to your phone or tablet.

Limited space. Easy to use. Reliable.

The full scale design model was build from 64 3D printed, CNC machined and handmade parts in the University workshop by myself. It is made to scale 1:1 and due to its size and the lack of a CNC machine big enough the outside shape was made out of 6 separate hard foam parts.

The concept, design and name rights were bought by a 3D printing machine manufacturer in Europe.

CompanyUniversity of WuppertalRoleID Bachelor ThesisYear2012Linkuwid.uni-wuppertal.de

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