A new era of design at Sonos

When I started at Sonos we had big challenges ahead of us: I was hired as the first designer of an internal design team, bringing the design process in-house as well as the overall PD teams; elevating the current design language that was used the last 9 years and raising the bar for the perceived quality of Sonos products with tighter steps & gaps and a much more controlled CMF process.

While working on a holistic portfolio language together with Mieko Kusano and GRO Design I started to lead the design for the first speaker that would launch with the new DL: the flagship wireless speaker Sonos Play:5 from start to finish.

Due to the small size of the team in the beginning I had great exposure to every detail of the design process – especially to hardware UX, CMF processes and paint matching as well as the marketing, photo shoot and press tour after release of the product.

Play:5 and the overall new design language were designed around a touch control UI which was never done before in the company and we had to work extra hard to convince stakeholders of the new technology whole building a control interface that is easy to use and offers a better functionality than the previously used hardware button UI.

Over my 5 years at Sonos I was able to influence the current Sonos design language, contribute to the designs of almost every current Sonos product and work cross functionally in and with the UX team, the engineering teams, the marketing and website team and the PR teams supporting and pushing the limits of product photo and video shoots, world wide PR press tours and the Sonos product pages on the website.

CompanySonosRoleSenior ID LeadYear2012 – 2017Linkwww.sonos.com

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