Winning the lottery in style

Lucky Me is bringing back the those million dollar dreams! A mix of managing your sweet addiction with your personal lucky numbers and jackpot reminders and the right amount of AI with an extended random or not so random number generator that can influence the results skewed towards more often or less drawn numbers.

And of course it can scan your manually filled lottery slips or tickets and lets you know what you will win – after you take the lump sum and after you paid the taxes!

Understanding the user

Play:5 is the first Sonos speaker that features a capacitive touch user interface with touch and swipe gestures for play/pause, volume controls and previous/next track. The interface adjusts its functions automatically to all 3 orientations the speaker is used in.

To land this new paradigm of an UI within the company, internal + external user testing and open houses within different teams at Sonos were used to stress test our assumptions and get to the final design. The result is a very responsive touch interface, paired with light feedback and ear-con sound design to support precise as well as casual all hand touch and swipe gestures – even when using the UI out of sight.

As a personal training exercise I went through the full dev process including programming the app in xCode Swift3.

With discoverability and missing tactile feedback as concern we leveraged heat maps of touch areas on the device to dial in the ideal touch zone sizes and enable a blind usage on high shelves or in deep cabinets.

Goal was to meet or exceed the current Sonos UI experience with buttons and get better over time. Although the swipe gesture for previous/next track was not immediately discovered by most participants, the moment they did (through in app nudge or Sonos ad) they were blown away.

Lucky Me started out of frustration about my poor ability to pick and retain lucky numbers when playing the lottery and the fact that the Swift programming language was improving fast and I wanted a refresher on building an actual iOS app.

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