Winning the lottery in style

Lucky Me is bringing back those million dollar dreams! An app with a mix of managing your sweet addiction with your personal lucky numbers and jackpot reminders as well as the right amount of AI with an extended random or not so random number generator that can influence the results skewed towards more often or less drawn numbers from past weeks.

And of course it can scan your manually filled lottery slips or tickets and lets you know what you will win – after you take the lump sum and after the correct taxes in your state!

Beginning to End

The goal of this personal project was to complete all steps in the iOS app development process myself to gain insight into each of the steps required and learn from it for future work with UX teams. It was critical for me to understand the problems and difficulties in each step to improve my design sensibilities in the future.

This project included the design ideation phase with flow charts in Illustrator, design mockups of the different pages in Sketch, testing the flow in Proto.io and creating a running iOS app in Apples xCode with SWIFT 3.

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