Influencing the HP laptop design language

During my internship at Huge design in San Francisco I was able to influence the entire HP design language together with the team at Huge. HP selected one of my initial concepts and its iconic curve was used on many more models after the two shown here.

Influencing the HP portfolio

Play:5 is the first Sonos speaker that features a capacitive touch user interface with touch and swipe gestures for play/pause, volume controls and previous/next track. The interface adjusts its functions automatically to all 3 orientations the speaker is used in.

To land this new paradigm of an UI within the company, internal + external user testing and open houses within different teams at Sonos were used to stress test our assumptions and get to the final design. The result is a very responsive touch interface, paired with light feedback and ear-con sound design to support precise as well as casual all hand touch and swipe gestures – even when using the UI out of sight.

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